Artist of the moment…. Painter Bob Pejman




The artist was born in Peru in 1963. He has traveled all around the world and I just now found out about him after seeing prints of his work many times. He is a wonderful painter of light specializing in coastal scenes in Europe with superb touches of color in the flowers he paints.

He grew up in very artistic family as his parents were a concert musician and an operatic composer.

The family moved to the U.S. only in 1976 after living in England and Vienna.

Despite his teachers and professors encouraging him to follow a career in art, he chose to do business management instead after attending Rutgers University.

Has studied with Anatoly Ivanov and Ovanes Berberian and numerous other artists at the New York Art Students League.

Opened his own gallery in 1988.

His style is described as Romantic Realism.

I enjoy this artist’s work because just looking at his paintings makes me want to walk into them. The sunlight is perfect, the flowers are in full bloom, and the water still and quiet. Ahhhh! If one can’t be in Europe, settle for one of his originals or prints!

Below is a slide show with the works of the artist, incredible coastal scenes!

Another slide show featuring works by the artist.


Have a great day and at least draw something!




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