Artist of the moment… Lori Forest…..



I wanted to remind everyone that the Richard Schmid Fine Art Fundraiser is coming up soon! Its your chance to get some great art and a cheap price and support a great cause. The artists receive a small portion but the majority of the money goes to the Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department. Richard used to live in the area and started this auction 16 years ago selling artworks auction style out of the back of his truck.

Now auction takes place in an empty farmers field with plenty of parking and has the atmosphere of a small carnival with a few cars to look at, some great individual food stands selling everything from turkey legs to bbq to sugary snacks. Usually a few dancers and other live entertainment. Its really a great event, I have been going since 2006 and look forward to it every year. Most years Molli Schmid is there, sometimes Nancy Guzik(the wife of Rich Schmid) and sometimes Richard is there himself.

This artist Lori Forest is a great painter of the landscape and animals of Colorado.  She has a painting included in the auction and I can’t wait to view the painting in person. Art always looks better in person as you can see the buildup of paint and textures.

The Richard Schmid auction takes place this coming Sunday and I hope  to see you there!  If you can’t make it you can sign up to bid online however.

Here is the link to the auction’s site.

The artist has lived in the state for 25 years. She studied both art and geology at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. The artist says her greatest teacher has been just observing and painting from life. I really enjoy her portrayal of wildlife and mountains in various lights.  An awesome painter of horses. Horses can be tough to draw and paint, sometimes looking a bit stiff, hers are full of life and explode across the canvas.  Very similar to other great equestrian artists like Howard Terpning, Frederic Remington, or Charles M. Russell.

This artist makes me want to get out and paint the wonderful sunsets and mountains of Colorado!

Hope to see you Sunday at the Richard Schmid Fine Art Auction!

Below is the painting the artist has entered for Richard Schmid’s Auction, the play of light and composition are excellent! The painting is titled IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT.





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