Artist of the moment…. Greg Decker….



This artist thinks of himself as a narrative painter concerned with nailing down the emotion of a scene rather than a likeness. He is more concerned with tone and color rather than having the painting be technically perfect.

The artist spent most of childhood growing up in Belgian Congo in Africa and was born in 1952.

Earned his BFA  from the Minneapolis Institute for the Arts and an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Also has received two fellowships. Studied also at Oxford in England.

The artist considers his work a mixture of German Expressionism, French modernism (in a style of Picasso paintings from his Blue and Red period) and lastly a Renaissance style of painting.

Starts most paintings with a warm undertone and then adds muted color on top.

Loves patterns, especially in clothing (my favorite aspect of the artists’ work) , and its easy to see he was influenced by Gustav Klimt for the flat abstract patterns exhibited in the clothing he paints.

Below is a clip of the artist giving a brief watercolor demo.

Another clip from a figurative show the artist was in during 2010. It features himself as well as other artists.

Have a thought, paint the thought, then form it into a narrative. There is far more to painting than just getting a likeness.

Happy creating!



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