Artist of the moment…. Landscape painter John Aquilino



This artist is another very creative person that started out in the animation industry and has blossomed into a fine painter of urbanscapes. Many of his paintings have no horizon line.  He also loves to exaggerate color. For an artist who paints almost the exact opposite check out my earlier post on Jeremy Mann from the John Pence Gallery in San Fransisco, Mann uses mainly muted greys with no hard edges. Both achieve great paintings but with different moods.

The artist was born and raised in New York City. He also attended college at New York City University . These experiences have led him to love the city, so that is what he paints. Vivid color and fun patterns make the boring lines of straight buildings pop from the canvas or paper. The artist paints in oils but also uses gouache as well.

He now lives and works mainly in the D.C. area and has received many commissions.

Another great painter who makes boring buildings come alive is Francis Livingston. Try a cityscape today using greys and blended edges, or  vivid color with flat patterns and see the differences you can make in painting  two versions of the same building. Its remarkable the difference in mood the painter can make.




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