New Photo Collage by Me is finished…. SOPHIA LOREN… 4950 1 inch circles…

were used to make this piece. I used photos and newsprint from 3 books, womens magazines, and entertainment magazines. Sophia was the IT woman back in the day starring in many pictures as a sex symbol.

As you can see included in the photo montage are some images of her when she was very young and even a photo of her at her first communion.

It is glazed with triple deck by art deco. On other large pieces I have used famowood glazecoat but its far too toxic and messy, I highly recommend this product which you can buy on ebay or amazon, I haven’t seen it art supply stores. You just spread it on, I used a polyester brush, and it dries within 1 hour. Very nice and gives photos that super glossy look you might see in a magazine.

Again this piece took some time as I first drew the caricature in charcoal and then added the circles one at a time until I felt I captured her.

Nearly 5,000 circles were used, to be exact 4,950!


Long live Sophia Loren and it was a pleasure to learn more about her. I always thought she was born overseas but she was born in Chicago. The newsprint for the background are all from magazine or books about her!

Keep creating!


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  1. Jason Ridgway Said:

    This is great Dan. Detail is something you clearly understand. Gonna read up on her now.

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