Artist of the moment…. Miya Ando…





trying to take a look at some artists capturing centuries old ideas in new ways. I really enjoy the seascapes full of mood and atmoshphere of Miya Ando. The artist tries to create quiet and abstract environments that let the viewer meditate using metals. She loves simplicity in her designs as it allows the viewer more room to interpret her dreamlike works.

Much of her seascape works include mediums like lacquer, patina, pigments, and steel.

Her is a link to the artists’ website.

The artist keeps a studio in Brooklyn. The red and metal piece was very unique and was  a commission given to the artist from the city of London. It was done to commemorate 9/11. She used some pieces of steel that were from the disaster that took place. Some of the steel was sanded and finished to give texture, but some of it was left just as it was found that day. Read a great PDF interview that the artist gave about making the piece below.

Click to access 11-Memorial-NY1.com_.pdf

Below an interview the artist about a piece made for Bev-Stey Soup kitchen in their meditation room.

Some footage of the artist working with steel in her studio.

A 3 minute film collaboration done with the artist titled the return of gratitude of the crane.

Try painting on metal or copper and see what you can come up with. Without color, for example Robert Longo artwork, you can get very emotionally involved. Use the steel or metal and paint on top. So you could have the silhouette of someone looking out over a bridge or just a person’s silhouette against a wall trying to get people to think about massive disasters such as the atom bomb. Alive one minute, and then burnt to a crisp in the next instant.

Happy painting!


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