Artist of the moment….. Diana Horowitz….



When you look under her art profile at it says urban other landscape. Her studio is right in downtown New York City and she looks out over the entire city. When looking at her paintings you get the feeling of being up high. Great controlled greys to give the viewer an idea of what the New York City landscape looks like on a very sunny day.

She was born in 1958. Attended college at the State University of New York at Purchase, New York. Got a MFA from Brooklyn College in New York.

Has won many awards and grants for wonderful landscape paintings.

As an artist/ viewer I would say the best thing to learn from this artist is how she uses aerial perspective.  When viewing any of her paintings that overlook New York you get the feeling of being up very high and looking out. All done thru the use of controlled greys and blues to push things back. Also the artist doesn’t go into much detail like a Raphaella Spence, whom is a great painter, but whose work is void of emotion.

How about snapping some photos when you are up in a plane next time. Or visiting a location where you can shoot some photos to work from later. Maybe looking at the landscape from up higher will get you to try something new a la Richard Diebenkorn and his seascape/ ocean paintings. Sometimes just looking at something from a different angle will give you a fun shape to use.

Happy painting!


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