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Artist of the moment….. Prince Andrew Romanoff….



I wanted to write some about the wealthy artists that exist now and it past times. Those who came from first class backgrounds but decided to pursue art.

First off we have Prince Andrew Romanoff.  He is the grand newphew of the last tsar of Russia, who was murdered by the Bolsheviks.

The prince grew up around Windsor Castle in England as his family fled for their lives as life in Russia was no longer safe for them. He was born in 1923 in London, England.

At home he was groomed to behave like a prince walking with a stick under his arm to keep standing straight. Some thought the family might return to power and rule again as they had since 1613 but it wasn’t to be.

The artist joined the British Navy and was involved in World War II.

The artist now makes his home in San Francisco and he has a most unusual medium that should inspire the kid in all of us. He works on shrinky dinks. The small plastic sheets that shrink to one third the size when cooked in an oven.

He might be considered similar to Grandma Moses as her works had a folk art flavor to them as well.

I just enjoy the fact that the artist did many things in his lifetime rather than just sit and be admired for great bloodlines!

After his plastic sheets are cooked in the oven he attaches them to panel. Very unique and original idea Mr. Prince!


Everyone can and should create! Your thoughts can live forever even though you will pass!

Happy painting!




Artist of the moment…. Molly Schmid…



one of Richard Schmid’s daughters, she is usually present during the Richard Schmid Art Auction coming up in a few weeks for the Rist Canyon volunteer fire department.

In previous auctions she has painted cats, florals, and dancers. The artist was born in 1960 and graduated with a degree in fine art from Florida State University in 1998. The artist has had many commissions in both the United States and Canada.

She still enjoys watching her father paint and calls it magical to watch him produce a painting. She can’t talk about herself or her work without thanking her father for the gift of inspiration and the gift of art. She hopes that her paintings express her joy of creating art.

The artist is the managing director of her fathers publishing company, Stove Prairie Press. I think his videos along with Daniel Greene’s are 2 sets of must haves for any artist looking to improve their skill set, no matter if they are a beginner or an intermediate level.

Below is the link to the auction’s homepage. If you are unable to attend in person please try and check it out on line, you can also bid by phone.

I have been going for 4 years and Molly has been present at all auctions, Richard said he was going to quit attending but he was really touched by the great turn out and good vibe from last year he will participate again.

Happy painting!