Great American Families of Art the Gruppe Family….. Emil Gruppe


The artist was born in Rochester, New York. Interestingly enough Rochester has been making weather news as it broke 100 degrees for the first time since 1953. He gained fame for painting his impressionistic paintings of the sea and forest. For this artist I think the best thing he painted was trees. Just perfect. Some detail but much form is suggested leaving room for interpretation by the viewer. Also his leaves were outstanding. Very vibrant and colorful.


Should you wish to see some contemporary artists who paint similar style trees check out Richard Schmid, Albert Handell, Gregory Packard, and David Foley.

The artist was born in 1896.  One of the artists’ favorite painters was Claude Monet.

A link to a Gruppe family gallery operated since 1925 is below. Emile Gruppe is quoted as saying if there is a heaven, it must be here on earth. Please check the site out as it gives far more information on the family.


The artist spent his early years in Holland, there he became influenced by his father and the Hague school of art and painting. The family moved to the U.S. in 1913 as World War I was on the verge of starting. He studied at the National Academy of Art and also at the Grand Chaumiere in Paris.


The artist died in 1978 and if you check out you can see results of more than 1,000 auctions of his artwork.

Here is clip of a wonderful birch tree painted by the artist.


Happy painting!






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