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American Artist Families…. The Gruppe Family….. Patriarch Charles Paul Gruppe



this was the father of the family, to steal a word from the mafia. He was born in 1860, in Picton, Canada on September 3 of 1860.¬† The artist was mainly self taught but did attend some classes while living in Holland. The entire family paints seascape scenes and I actually have confused some of the artists’ work with that of his son, Emil Gruppe.

The artist’s father died when he was only 10 and the family moved to Rochester New York.

From an artist’s view I really enjoy his composition of harbor scenes and his painting of trees. The trees are sculpted with many layers of paint¬† and usually located near the focal point of the painting.

As a young boy he took up sketching in watercolour and oils. He also worked for a sign painting shop, modern day typography, mastering the craft at an early age.

His style and work became so close to the Dutch school of painting he was elected to a very exclusive Pulchre Studio in the Hague. He became an artist celebrity and his work was collected by many Dutch museums and also the Dutch Royal Family.

Gruppe also became a dealer broker specializing in Dutch Art and artists.

He died in his studio in Rockport, MA at the age of 80 in 1940.

He was a member of the Salmagundi club of New York.

How about painting a seascape today!

Happy painting!