American families of art…. the Wiggins Family…. Guy Carleton Wiggins…

I talked about the father, John Carleton Wiggins, today lets talk about a son of John born in 1883.

The artist seems to have been very productive, I found more than 600 auctions of his works on He became known as a great painter of the winter scene, especially in urban areas. He also became a leading impressionist of the Lyme Art Colony. He also loved to paint New York City, especially wintery scenes.

The artist was born in BrooklynA and raised in Lyme, Connecticut. Starting 1917 both father and son listed this as their address. It became an art colony so to speak.

In the Lyme Art colony he painted alongside his father, Childe Hassam, Frank Dumond among others. He enjoyed a long and successful career as a painter  dying in Florida in 1962.

I enjoy the impressionistic and painterly view the artist gives his work. I enjoy photo realists like Raphella Spence and Richard Estes, but give more kudos who are emotional painters of the city such as this artist or Jeremy Mann or Jim Beckner. Its great to give an emotional response!


I found a clip of an art auction of a piece done by the artist in 1935 of New York City. It sold for 38,000, its  fun clip to watch and barely one minute long!

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