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Artist of the moment…. seascape painter Thomas Higham



This artist is just great. He was born in 1953. His grandfather was a well known blacksmith in the area. His father was a premier boatmaker in the area. He grew up and loves this area of the U.S. His work reminds me of Wyeth, painting the simple things most people take for granted.Wyeth was the painter that first inspired the artist.

Also a great painter of boats. Not often in his landscapes will you find people, but the works connect with the viewer on a emotional level.

The artist had a career retrospective Museum show in Massachusetts in 2006.

He has been showing and selling his paintings since high school.

Also the artist paints in both acrylics and watercolor, achieving tight realism with both mediums.

Received a B.F. A. from Swain School of Design in 1977 and worked as a carpenter and woodworker until in 1993 when he decided to pursue painting full time.