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Artist of the moment…. April Gornik


The artist was born in 1953 in Cleveland, Ohio. Attended college in Nova Scotia in Canada. Now lives and works in New York City.



This artist paints fantastic landscapes. I enjoy her simple but moody works. The trees are always an emphasis, what is unique about this artist is that she gets the viewer to think of the tree as engaging and perhaps similar to a person with branches that have great shape and are connected. I love the way she silhouettes her shapes against the sky.

As an avid painter of landscapes I enjoy the fact she lets much up to the viewer. The artist is also great with tone. I encourage you to take pics of your work and print it out in black and white. Most artists looking to take the next step need to add darks to make their pictures stronger and easier to communicate the message to the viewer.

The artist works small and large. Many landscape are 4 feet to 8 foot long on some sides.

I look at the artist as a sort of modern ANSEL ADAMS. With the lack of color, it all becomes timeless.

The clips below show the remarkable landscapes of the artist and a brief interview.





Try painting a landscape without color like this artist or Stephen Graber who also works in this manner!


Keep learning!