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Artist of the moment… Hedda Sterne…



this artist was amazing in the fact she made it to 100 years old! One of my goals! She was born in 1910 in Romania. Married in 1932 to Frederick Sterne. In 1938 she exhibited in Paris for the first time. In 1941 she barely escaped the killing of jews in her apartment building she fled home for New York City. She met Peggy Guggenheim and as a result was introduced to the art communities brightest stars.

She became an Ab-Ex painter and rose to stardom after appearing on the cover of Time magazine in 1950.



Studied as Fullbright Scholar in Venice in 1963.

Had a stroke in 2004, and she had to stop making art.

Died in 2011 at the age of 100 ! Great creative mind, my favorite work in the gallery here is the circular one. It looks like a lit moon!


A.I. Wei Wei UPDATE….

In case you didn’t hear the most famous Chinese artist has been released after being detained for more than 80 days. He was interviewed but the artist said he couldn’t say anything as he was only out on bail. The artist has said many derogatory things about the Chinese gov.t.  I wrote about a few posts ago, many people in the West called on China to release him, and finally he is out. He has to pay a huge fine though as one of the charges is tax evasion.

Go A. I. WeiWei!

Supposedly he had bad medical conditions, but last time he was incarcerated he was nearly beaten dead by the police.



Don’t forget he did the sunflower pieces as well as the birds nest stadium used for the Beijing Olympics.