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Artist of the moment…. Typography artist Teri Martin…



As you know by reading the blog I love LETTERS! Writing and how people communicate has always fascinated me. This artist uses her own words, as well as taking words and sayings from famous people, and makes them her own.  Her work has been used in many commercial artworks such as calenders, greeting cards, and posters.

On her website you can even buy things like cardstock to do scrap booking.

Below is the address to her own website.

Its interesting in her bio that she loves calligraphy and is excited about all the new forms it is now, not just pen and ink. Clay, sculpture, and even metal.

Her use of color is outstanding, as well as her use of calligraphy.

The artist has a couple of licensing arrangements with a scrap booking company, a rubber stamp company, and the New York Graphic Society is even working on reproducing her paintings. This company sells many art posters in places like Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

This artist is very inspiring as she has made typography fun and colorful! A great artist and business woman!

Great job!

The artist also has a blog you should check out the link on her own page listed above. Its not updated very often but its worth checking out.