Awesome Artist of the Day…… Vehicle Artist Peter Maier….



This artist is quite fascinating in his choice of subject matter and technique. The artist  was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1945. Trained from an early age by his father in industrial design, he went on to study design and art at the Pratt Institute finishing college at the young age of 20.

He went to Vietnam to fight for the country and upon his return he got a job designing vehicles at General motors. He was key in the design of the Cadillacs that were made in 1980.

He knew many of the upper echelon of the art industry and sold direct to them for more than 20 years. Finally he had his first gallery show far into a successful art career.

I love his version of photo realism because it isn’t.  The images are made from in his head. For instance a painting called Stingray was done by taking pictures from different view points and converging them. By knowing what perspective to exaggerate you can make a hyper realistic painting.

He works on the same fabricated steel used to make large buildings using a chromax paint he gets directly from Du Pont. Also making the work unique is his application. The artist uses his hand, brushes, and even an airbrush to apply the paint. Most paintings use 7 or 8 colors, the depth comes from the layering of paint.

This artist is just amazing don’t you think!

Nothing more need be said.

His paintings make you feel like you are getting a glimpse of a wonderful life on a wonderful day!


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