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Artist of the day… Street artist and mixed media master Dan Witz




This artist became famous for making small photo realistic paintings in very public places in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  He is known for making pieces that have very emotionally charged people behind a glass or metal frame. As if the viewer startled them.

The artist can also paint very nice landscapes, especially urbanscape paintings of city locations.

Mr. Witz was born in Chicago in 1957. He got a B.F.A. in fine art in 1980 from Cooper Union College.

In this clip check out a show the artist did in Amsterdam. You can see how his style of trompe painting on metal and then glued in place leaves the spectator startled and blown away by what they have seen. Is a person really stuck underground? Does the person need my assistance?


More works of the artist in this clip!


This artist is great because many times you see street artists who are very loose, but its a welcomed change to see someone so skilled at painting. The landscapes pictured of the city markets are both large, one nearly 50 inches long on one side and the other around 56 inches. Great composition and wonderful dark against light format.

This artist is for me a combination of Norman Rockwell and Banksy!  More graphic skills than Bansky in my view.