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Artists of the day….. Gilbert and George



A pair of artists born in the the early 1940s that work together as a dynamic duo with their artworks. They work on a variety of media, sometimes sculpture or photography. I enjoy their funny names given to some pieces. Notice the piece “Blood on Shit” in the pictures made by the artists.

Gilbert Proesch was born in 1943 in Italia. The artist studied art in Munich, Germany as well as in Austria.

George Passmore was born in Plymouth, U.K. in 1942 and went to college in Oxford, England.

The pair met in 1967 while attending St. Martins School of Art. It is said they came together as George was the only person to understand Gilbert’s English.

The pair focuses on things that happen in London’s East End and are known for being quite dapper and proper.


A brief documentary of the pair on British television. They talk about their singing sculpture of the 60s and 70s.


A clip about a postcard exhibit in 2011.


The pair rarely appear without each other in public and usually wear suits. They consider EVERYTHING they do to be art.



Artist of the day….Fantastic Female Figure Artist Hilo Chen…



This artist was born in Taiwan in 1942. At the age of 26 he moved to Paris. Later the same year he moved to New York.  He enjoys painting in a photo realistic style. He lives and works in New York and has works included in the Guggenheim New York as well as the Taipai Museum of Fine Art.


This artist should be inspiration to anyone who enjoys painting or drawing the figure.


keep learning!