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Artist of the moment….. Sonia Romero



This artist is a wonderful small business person as well. She has won numerous public commissions and even sells her work via   She considers to be one of her best outlets for all of her creative energies.

The artist uses many mixed media. Linocuts as large works on tile.  As many artists do she also fights for causes she believes in.  Also on the etsy site is a piece the artist made to show people the plight of the north american honey bee. Many farmers lost 1/3 to 1/2 of their bees.

The artist has a show currently at the Vincent Price Art Museum in Los Angeles.  Occasionally the artist gives workshops on paper cutting. 2 other artists working in this medium are Kara Walker and Nikki McClure. The artist is a wonderful printmaker and even makes linocuts and also gives workshops with that medium as well. A well known linocut artist is Don Gorvett.

Her public commissions are in public transportation around California.

Here is a time lapse piece of the artist making a large piece about bison skulls.


Learn as much as you can from this wonderful artist and business person! Try making a print today! Open an etsy store to sell your art!




Artist of the moment…. David Trulli



This artist is a former cinematographer and compares the way a scene is lit, to the way he works. First you start with black, then you add the white. He works on very large scratchboard that I have never seen at an art store. Some sides are more than 100 inches long.

For gallery purposes the work is labeled as using ink, clay, and varnish on masonite.

I enjoy this artist because he can really draw!

Using only black and white his works offer unique vantage points and great movement of light and energy.

In 2009 he was commissioned by Harley Davidson to have his work put on a motorcycle gas tank.

The artist was born in New York in 1960 but now lives and works in Los Angeles and Hollywood. The artist has been featured in Juxtapose, Fabrik, and ArtScene.