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Artist of the moment….. Walasse Ting



This artist was born in China in 1929 and just passed away in 2010. He was known for a bright and colorful palette with acrylic colors done mainly on canvas or rice paper.Some of the artists favorite subjects were the nude, flowers, and birds.

He left China in 1946 moving to Paris. There he became friends with members of the CoBra group.  This was a group of modern artists from Copehhagen, Brussels, and Amsterdam.In 1957 he moved to New York and became influenced by the Pop Art movement.

In the 1990s he moved between Amsterdam and New York. He also is a poet and is the author of 13 books.

The artist won the Guggenheim Award for Drawing in 1970.

I enjoy this artist for his bright palette and use of the chinese brush.


A clip about the artist and Sam Francis talking about Andy Warhol is below.

The artist painting in Sam Francis’ studio.