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Artist of the moment….. Master Painter M.F. Husain of India…..died a few days ago.

One of the worlds most well known artist died this week at the age of 95.  This artist had his mother die when he was only 18 months old and it had an affect on the way he painted. Since he couldn’t place an actual face on his memory of his mom, that is the way he liked to paint people. He tries to give the viewer some ideas of how the figure might be feeling using body language but he avoided painting the face.  The artist worked mainly in oils and acrylics and occasionally did lithographs.

Some of his large pieces already sold for more than 1 million dollars. Now that he has passed it will be very interesting to watch the price movement. Already a piece is on with starting bid near 100,000 dollars!

A clip from a 1.6 million dollar sale is below. This work was done for a  show in Sao Paulo in 1974 that artist did alongside Pablo Picasso.

I watched an interview with the artist and the BBC and he said he worked every day for the past 80 years and just wanted to keep doing that until he died.

The artist sometimes depicted religious goddesses with faces and made them very attractive, as a result he received death threats from the muslim population in India. The odd thing about it was that the paintings were made in the 1970s and the controversy and death threats started in 1996. He then lived in exile in Qatar and became a citizen of 2010. He died in London on June 9th, 2011.

This report is done on Al Jazeera English a 2o minute documentary and interview with the artist.

The artist was known as the Picasso of India.

Wikipedia lists some very eccentric habits he had. Wearing expensive tailored suits, then going barefoot. Also he used long handled paintbrush for a walking cane.


Paint a faceless figure today!