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Artist of the moment…. Husband and wife team Christo and Jean- Claude


This couple gained worldwide acclaim for their on site installations that many time included wrapping objects for display. Interestingly both were born on the same day in 1935. He was born in Bulgaria and she was born in Morocco part of a french military family. She passed away in 2009.

2 famous wrappings include the Point Neuf in Paris and the Reichstag in Berlin.

The couple met in 1958 and 3 years later started their first collaboration wrapping oil drums in tarpaulin.

The couple had one son named Cyril Christo.

At the time of the artists’ death they were trying to get the art on the river project finished. A series of panels to be suspended above the river. The project was to be for the state of Colorado over the Arkansas River. Check out this website for more river info.

A brief tv interview with the couple.


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