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Artist of the moment….. auto painter Cheryl Kelly…



lets take some time as summer is nearly here, to examine artists that paint wonderful cars. This artist I read about first in the September 2009 issue of American Art Collector. She loved American muscle cars while growing up. She had Hot Wheels and tracks and many other toys usually reserved for little boys.

In 2003 the artist had a show of the cars at her gallery in Houston.  After selling out and receiving great feedback the artist knew she had found her niche.

She started out an abstraction and found that she loves to paint the reflections on the cars.

She mainly works on aluminum panels.

The artist got a B.F.A. from the University of Houston in 1992.

Special Artist of the Day…. Commercial Artist Allen Garns

This artist sells many mediums of art to both the commercial art field and the fine art field. A new artist starting out in the commercial field might wonder what kind of paintings or ideas do I put inside? I found some answers by reviewing this artists work

The artist can be found at Martha Productions for commercial art.

For original artwork he sells at Scottdale Fine Art.