The Amusement Park Artists….. David Levine..

these next couple of posts will be about artists who paint the amusement park scene. Everything can be fine art!

The first artist is David Levine. He was born in 1926 and died in 2009. He was well respected as a caricature artist and had work published in Playboy and Esquire and numerous other magazines.  One of his favorites subjects to paint was Coney Island.  He did many watercolors of the Boardwalk and Coney Island. His work in watercolors was similar to Burton Silvermans, using the watercolor in a thicker application and using it like an acrylic so he was able to paint and correct just as an artist does for oils or acrylics. Don’t have to be so pressured to make every stroke matter as in traditional water color.


The artist was born and grew up in Brooklyn. Showing great artistic promise he even auditioned for an animator position with Disney at the age of 9! He went on to study art at Temple University and its Tyler School of Art.

For the New York Review of Books he turned in more than 3800 illustrations!

Due to macular degeneration of his eyes and blindness he didn’t really produce anything new for the review after 2007.

Here is too looking at amusements parks depicted in oils and fine art!

Smell the popcorn, candied apples, and cotton candy!

The clip below is about the artist and his paintings of presidents and celebrities from 1966 to the last presidential election.



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