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Artist of the moment….. Brody Neuenschwander calligraphy artist…



this artist was born in Houston, Texas in 1958. When he was 8 years old he spent one year in Germany. He learned a new language and culture. In fact he became obsessed with mid evil life and culture.

The artist attended Princeton University and was on the rowing team. His interest in calligraphy led him to remake tapestries and even his master thesis was done on the writing types of mid evil manuscripts.

The artist then went to London to further his studies in writing. He began his career as an artist over in England with famous calligrapher Donald Jackson.

The artists wife is Flemish and they now live in Bruges.

The artist works mainly with oils on extremely large canvases.

here is a link to the artist website.


the only clips I could find about the artist are in french but they are interesting and its fun to put a face to a name.


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