Artist of the moment…. letter and word artist Ahmed Moualla….


continuing on the theme of typography and calligraphy I found another great artist who uses calligraphy and some great colors for unique and expressive results.

Like the previous artist, this artist was born in Syria in 1958 and went to the university of Damascus and also went to study abroad in Paris.


I enjoy the art very much despite not knowing exactly what the message his words are trying to portray. The design and color are very harmonious. His works that have to do with the figure are very emotional since only tone is provided to the viewer.  Similar to Kathe Kolwitz etchings but these are done in paints. He has been in many high end art auctions such as Sothebys.


Below is a clip of the artist working, notice the large sizes of his work. Sorry I couldn’t locate English translations but check out the works done by the artist that appear during the interview.






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