Artist of the moment…. Calligraphy master Khalid Al Saai



with all the bad publicity the mid east region is getting let us take a look at some artists trying to shape the world in a positive way.

This artist was born in Syria in 1970. He grew up in a house where he could see various artforms such as calligraphy, music, and painting.

By the time he was 18 he was known as a calligrapher. Perhaps more than for painting this artist is known for his use of Arabic Calligraphy.


At the first festival of International Calligraphers he won a prize for being among the 10 best. He works in oils acrylics and other mediums. It appears some of the pieces I have put here have a glossy sheen, perhaps he covers some pieces in resin when he is done. I am not sure.


He taught Arabic Calligraphy at the University of Michigan and has hosted many workshops in the states on Arabic Calligraphy.

The Thulth style of writing is used frequently by the artist. It involves making the letters into a triangle shape.


many clips of the artist working! BE READY to LEARN!





keep learning!



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