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Artist of the moment… floral artist Lowell Blair Nesbitt


This artist died in 1993, a great painter of floral scenes and on a very large scale. Most of her paintings seen here are at least 70 inches on the small side. The white rose with red background is 80 inches by 80 inches. Very contemporary in that the artist doesn’t paint other items such as more florals or add abstracted background flowers.

From an art point of view, similar design to Georgia O’Keefe or Dyanna Hesson.

The artist was born in 1933 and died in 1993.

He attended the Tyler School of Art, which is part of Temple University in Philadelphia. He also attended the Academy of Arts in London and worked in etchings and stained glass mediums while in England.

The artist started having solo shows in 1958, his big break through came in 1964 with a show in DC at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. The artist was caught up the Ab Ex movement that was born in America, but with the help of Robert Indiana, the painter of LOVE and HOPE paintings, he made the transition and started painting very large flowers full of abstract shapes and wonderful color.

The artist has stamps out from the USPS depicting some florals. Also he was the official artist for some Nasa missions.

The artist was involved in a strange case with the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.  The Corcoran gallery of art was going to have a  show with the artist, and where horrified when looking at some of the pieces so said no to the exhibition. Nesbitt was going to give 1.5 million to the Corcoran gallery in his will and said he would revoke it if they didn’t have the show. The show DIDN’T go on and Nesbitt left 1.5 million to the Phillips collection where he once worked as a night watchman.




Paint some flowers today!