Artist of the moment… Yehudit Sasportas…



this artist is great to study as he works on very large pieces with the smaller sides 5 and 6 foot long. Also, he works in mixed media but his work emphasizes differences with light and dark shapes, his work though not made for reproductive purposes, is just perfect for it.

The artist is a member of the Israeli Cultural Excellence Foundation. The foundation takes leaders in all art forms from  music to theater to visual arts and helps nourish the artists with money and publicity. The foundation supports its artists for periods lasting up to 5 years. Other careers helped by the foundation include Jazz, fashion design, and writing.

The artist was born in Israel in 1969. He shows mainly at the Barbara Davis gallery and here is a link for his page there.

The artist has multiple degrees from Isreal and also from New York and the United States.

The clip is from a show of the artist, its great as you can how large his pieces are.



Try a large black and white piece today!

Happy learning!


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