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Artist of the moment….. Gustavo Acosta…

There is one clip on youtube but it doesn’t work when you cut and paste it so I assume whomever was trying to give the artist publicity, doesn’t really want the artist to get any so I won’t mention the clip. Save time and your money, go find an artist that is easier to find.


this artist mainly works in acrylics and does works on a large scale, mainly of landscapes.   Some of his pieces are as long as 7 feet. The artist was born in Havana, Cuba in 1958. The artist studied at the National School of Plastic Arts and also the Institute of Art both in Havana.


Stateside he has one major show in 2001, but I read about the artist in an art magazine, his career must be progressing nicely.

The artist has works in collections in Mexico, Cuba, and the United States.

Look what can be done with acrylics, although it takes some time to learn how to manipulate soft edges you could easily make in oils, the result is well worth it. Notice the wonderful use of perspective the artist uses when painting something like  a ship.