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Artist of the moment…. Banksy!



This artist is very relevant to anyone who watched the Oscars. He goes by the public name Banksy, but no one knows his true identity. He is based out of London, England but has done work all around the globe.

Very little is known of the artist. Supposedly the artist was born in 1974 in Bristol, Englan. The artist was trained formally to be a butcher. Banksy got caught up in the street art aerosal boom in 1980.

Some of his influences seem to be Blek le Rat. At this years Oscars a movie titled Exit thru the gift shop was up for an Oscar nomination for best documentary movie but lost to Inside Job.

The themes of this artist’s work are anti-government, anti-capitalism, and anti establishment.

The artist had his first Los Angeles show in 2002. The artist has in the past painted Queen Victoria as a lesbian and the Kate Moss picture was done as a tribute to both Marilyn Monroe and Andy Warhol. His highest price piece is the last picture titled Space Girl and Bird. It went at auction for more than one half million dollars in England.

I enjoy this artist for his creativity and his boldness of course being a recluse! A perfect artist and great also for spreading art to the average person who might not otherwise see it.



and another clip of the artist doing work in palestine

If you are a painter I would suggest doing some stencil type work to give your work more structure.