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Artist of the moment… Brazilian Mixed Media Artist Henrique Oliveira



This artist is creative in his works, I don’t even know what to call the pieces. A sort of sculpture with varying colors.

Below is a youtube clip about the artist discussing his work on a show called gallery talk


His main works now are large scale installations he makes from discarded word and building materials. Early on he mixed glue and paint and sometimes sand. While he was a student he noticed the wood decaying and falling apart that was covering a building project.  He loved the decay and the coloring. He used the wood and made his first signature installation from it.

The artist calls the works tridimensionals.

The artist works mainly from woods gathered outside his studio in Sao Paulo.

The artist was in Boulder yesterday for a show opening and you can read about it here

He also paints vibrant acrylic and abstract works.

Keep learning!


peace portfolio…

Artist of the moment…Pedro Friedeberg…


This artist was born in 1937 in Florence, Italy.  The artist does work in a variety of mediums including watercolor as well as making furniture.  The artist moved to Mexico when a young boy and eventually studied with Mathias Goeritz, a famous German Mexican artist. It was the artist Goeritz that made drawing architecture objects both real and fictional the main output of his artistic ability.

In 1960 the artist was invited to join a group that painted anti art for arts sake.

The artist was a fluid maker of all types of furniture including love seats, sofas, tables, and unique carved chairs.

I consider the artist’s style to be surrealism, he is a mixture of Escher and Dali! Rock on !


paintings and pictures of the artist



Try a surreal peace today!