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Artist of the moment… Calligraffiti inventor Niels Shoe Meulman…



artist is a modern contemporary artist born in Amsterdam in 1967. He is known for being a writer, artist, visual performer. The artist has pieces in both the Stedelijick museum in Holland and also San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

The artist was a euro graffiti star by the time he was 18 years. Taking a cue from the graffiti artists in New York City that came to Amsterdam. Some of them were DONDI, Rammellzee,Haze, Quick, and Keith Haring. With Bando from Paris and Mode2 from London he formed his first crime gang of graffiti.

The artist worked in the commercial and design field in the early 90s.

The artist has a great book out titled Calligraffiti.

The link above is for the artists’ own website.

Here is short brief essay about the artist preparing for a show in Amsterdam.


The reason why I love this artist is because he has combined the modernism of graffiti with the talent of calligraphy. Many times I doubt passers by can read graffiti, but this artist work is highly legible to anyone.


try some text in your paintings today!