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Artist of the moment….. mixed media artist Jose Parla…



this artist is quite amazing! He is similar to calligrapher Dennis Brown whom you can find at  Mr. Brown uses calligraphy and sometimes uses glass to tell a story building up the layers. Jose Parla uses calligraphy in a similar manner by using calligraphy on materials built to look like inner city walls and buildings.

A palimpsest is a manuscript from a scroll or a book that has been scraped off and ready to use again. This is the look that the artist is trying to achieve.

The color and the abstractedness of his work is really exciting. Just a touch of everything, spattered paint, controlled paint, loose paint.

Other artist using text I enjoy are Ed Ruscha and Mel Bochner, but I find Mr. Parla’s line to be quite thrilling with its thick and thin paint its as if Jackson Pollack learned how to write.

Mr. Parla was born in the U.S. to parents who were on exile from Cuba. He was  first a tagger in Miami going by the name of  Ease.

Below are some Youtube clips about the artist



how about adding some text to a painting. Write sun in a nice lettering style and go wild. Splash paint, move paint around, get it on your plastic gloves on your hands! And just for fun put some on the end of your nose! Be a kid for a short moment and just enjoy creating!



Good job!