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Artist of the Moment… African American Artist John Biggers…



Mr. John Biggers was born in 1924. He was from the school of social realism. He dealt with the struggles of the everyday person of color. The artist was gifted in linocuts, lithography, and also oils and acrylics. He died in 2001. He specialized in creating extremely large canvases and was a well known and respected painter of murals.

The artist came to prominence during the Harlem Renaissance. He was born in North Carolina, attended school at the Hampton Institute and also Penn State where the artist earned a doctorate in 1954. He founded the art department at what is now known asĀ  Texas Southern University.

His most famous piece is called shotguns, describing the shotgun houses owned by negroes and this was sold at auction for 216,000 in 1987, a record for the artist.

Below is an excerpt from a show the artist gave in Philly in 2000.

Artistically the most fascinating aspect of his work is the fun designs he draws instead of drawing hair, very interesting design patterns!

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