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Artist of the Moment…. Andy Moses….




The artist was born in Southern California in 1962. He is known for simple complex and concave abstract landscapes. The use of color and movement is significant in this artists’ work.  The artist is influenced by the English painter J.M.W. Turner, Mark Rothko, and Jackson Pollack. He tries to find different ways of using paint to express the beauty of natural.

The artist attended Cal Arts and finished there in 1982.

The viewer gets a feeling of being free, floating above the ground as if suspended above an enormous field of color.

The artist uses convex and concave canvases to give his works a sculptured look and also to give more movement.  He uses acrylic paints and the iridescent colors shift depending on where you view them, you always feel as if you are seeing something for the first time.

The clip below is about the artist explaining his technique

This artist is great because he uses color and not only tone to relate the landscape to the viewer! Try a scene from google earth or another source above the earth and see what you can do!