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Artist of the moment… Street Artist JonOne…


this artist is great to talk about since we are observing black history month. This artist is french/ american and was born in Harlem in 1963.  The artist now lives and works in Paris. He was founder of a graffiti group All Starz 156.

He started tagging with his friend white man.  To quote the artist, the subway is a museum that runs through the city.

He started exhibiting in Paris in 1990. His most expensive piece was in 1993 in Paris where a piece called Match Point went for 24,800 Euro. so nearly 30,000 us dollars.

The artist interviewed on CBS Sunday this Morning in 2009

An interview with the artist in 1999 is here, awesome really insightful!

This artist talks about tagging early on and even stealing paint supplies! He is really candid and appreciative for the ability to create!

keep learning!