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Art of Basketball Miami..



this was a very interesting event held in 2010 in Miami Florida. Many well known street and graffiti artists helped out with the project. Partly sponsored by the NBA the project. The projects were to be reproduced in a smaller number according to each artist.

Some artists are Billy the Kid also a curator, Atomik and Sand One, Chillski and many more click the link below.

For a quick link to the site click here…

It happened with the 5th largest art convention in the world, Art Basel Miami. Its enjoyable to see sport mixed into the hip hop scene and r and b alongside the painting. It just seems so natural.

For a complete listing of the basketballs made check this link out…

In addition to the basketballs artists also made backboards. Again my favorite piece is by sero, his figures are so lifelike and full of energy!

Here is a clip of Billikid making Love Shaq out of  tupperware!


another exerpt about dude company


keep creating!!!