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Artist of the moment… commercial and fine artist Carol Rowan…

this artist has work you have seen I guarantee it!  On she has nearly 200 different items for sale. Most likely if you have seen her work its for a piece called Kathleen’s geraniums. The artist has prints available at hobby lobby, michaels, hollis taggert, and Vose. She has grown tremendously as an artist and her work is far more real. I believe her commercial style is among the best as she uses subtle colors easily duplicated during the printing process.

On the artists own website check out her newer works!

The artist was born in Norwalk, Connecticut in 1960 and finished art school at Pratt in 1983. Here are some earlier works from

The artist works in pastels and oils as well.


The artists newer work is much tighter. Visit the artists site at  She listens to classical music often while painting. This artist is numerous collections both public and private and sold many many many pieces.  She is both fine and commercial artist!


Way to go!

Try submitting some poster or print ideas, you never know until you try it and you can reach new collectors that way! Try checking out the artist’s guide to graphic design and marketing. Many hundreds of companies are listed with the appropriate steps to get started.



Art movie that you must see….Herb and Dorothy….

The title is called Herb and Dorothy. A couple married for more than 40 years who lived in Manhattan. Both were hard workers and the couple lived in a rent controlled apartment. Dorothy was a librarian and this salary paid the rent, electric bill, and provided them with food. Herb worked the nightshift from midnight to 8 for the post office. The couple used his earnings to be fine art.

The artists loved the couple as their hard earned dollars helped pay the artists rent. The couple went to many art studios and openings. As one artist couple said after a dinner with the couple you knew what was going on in the New York art scene. In the days before Internet, if you knew Herb and Dorothy you had come of age and were blossoming as an artist.

The couple gifted 1,000 pieces to the national gallery of art, and in the process turned down many millions from other buyers. The art consisted mainly of minimalism and abstract expressionism. Even the artist known for painting faces Chuck Close makes a personal appearance and tells of how the couple came to his studio and were more interested in the prep work than the final piece. They felt it showed more about the artist’s thought process.

They also began a program called 50 pieces for 50 states, allowing each state to have 50 pieces to be put into the public collection to be viewed for free by the general public.


I just think this couple, though angered many gallery owners, were seen as celebrities who had their own rules by the artists. The artists would turn a blind eye to give them a deal just because they were what they were.


A cute story and romantic story despite the fact they never had kids only art and cats, the couple have indeed left a strong legacy!

Way to go and please check out the movie HERB AND DOROTHY  at libraries everywhere. Its a documentary but quite entertaining as you can hear from the artists themselves and go on studio visits with the couple.

excerpt is from the movie about them….