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Artist of the moment… mixed media artist Ray Beldner…


this artist has a new take on old ideas and paintings. My favorite subject is when he takes well known images and remakes them using currency. He has done  the flag made famous by Jasper Johns, The Weeping Woman by Picasso, and women portrayed as comic strip characters as Roy Lichtenstein used to do. Another favorite of mine is the depiction of LOVE made famous by Robert Indiana.  Also pictured is the giant MAO of Andy Warhol.

The artist was born in 1961 and studied at the art institute and received his masters from Mills College.  Some of the items used by the artist are trash, porn, money, and even stolen items.

The artist also made portraits using no brushes or pens but rather making casts of individual hands and fingers and using those to draw with. The image of Michael Jackson was made by a little boy’s hand.

I enjoy this artist for his use of recycled materials and innovation but also glimpsing at the past with his pieces such as Jasper Johns’ flag.

Check out the artists’ own website here

Try doing a portrait with coffee grounds or salt to get that creativity flowing!

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Artist of the moment… commercial artist series….. Jack Vittriano…



this artist is well known worldwide and sells millions of dollars of merchandise in posters, prints, books, magazines, greeting cards. Often times his works sell as much or more as Monet or Picasso. He is known for painting the human figure either in isolation or in a direct moment in which the viewer acts as a voyeur of sorts, similar to Andy Warhol. His work is contemporary, his style is similar to Ed Hopper and similar to the artist Jack Leyendecker.

Many of his scenes have to do with earlier time periods, perhaps a black and white movie that he colorizes. His scenes are simple, wonderfully designed, and transport the viewer to being in the presence of a moment rather than just looking at a painting you are experiencing a moment in time.

below is youtube clip showing the artists painting of women in love

more of his paintings here…

He often places his characters in a suspenseful mood, the head turned away from the viewer so it feels they can’t see, the viewer always wants to see a little bit more!


The artist was born in Scotland in 1951. He left school at 16 to become a mining apprentice. He started painting at age 21 after his girlfriend bought him a set of paints for his birthday. He was born Jack Hoggan, but took the name Vettrian (his moms maiden name) added an o and in 1988 made the big leap to full time pro artist. He is represented by galleries and print shops and frame shops. This man is self motivated genius understanding both business and art.

The most important thing about looking at his paintings, see how involved you get in the paintings by looking and imagining yourself in the characters being portrayed.

This artist also has many prints available to add to your collection! Check them at or


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