Artist of the moment… Graffiti and mixed media artist David Choe…


This artist is young born the same year as myself in 1976 in Los Angeles. He is widely known his street art. The artist gained more of a commercial following after doing a wonderful print of President Barack Obama. Normally the artist deals with sad and dreary subject matter but in the print the viewer is able to concentrate on the hope and sunshine effect his ideas brought to the public. He is known for exaggerating vulgar ideas.


His graffiti is on walls across the world from Los Angeles to Vietnam.

His first solo show was an ice cream parlor in L.A. It was supposed to last 2 months but the pieces sold well and were changed and the show lasted for 2 years.

The artist did mural work for Facebook and was given stock options that now are worth tens of millions of dollars! Awesome!

He also has published some graphic novel books. His works have been in publications such as Hustler and Juxtapose.

The artist dropped out of school to become a full time street artists and lived quite a vagabond bohemian lifestyle including arrests for theft and vandalism.

A documentary titled DIRTY HANDS was released in may of last year about the artist.

below is a clip about the documentary dirty hands


Keep those dreams high! Think about doing a mural for Groupon!

keep learning!


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