Artist of the moment…. Hiroshi Senju



this artist is probably garnering the most attention of anyone that paints in the traditional Nihonga Japanese style of painting. In this type of painting paper or silk is used instead of canvas. For a monochromatic painting actual soot is used mixed with glue. For a polychrome effect natural materials such as ground up stone, minerals, and even shells are used.  Over the centuries this style was used to decorate scrolls (both hanging and hand) and also folding screens. There is no need to frame the pieces under glass, because of the use of natural materials the pieces are archival for thousands of years.

His big breakthrough came at the Venice Biennial where he was the first Asian artist ever to win an award in 1995.

The artist spends 8 months approximately of the year in New York, the rest of his time is spent in Japan.

Below is a clip about the artist done by his agent…

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