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Artist Roxy Paine…



This artist specializes in trees and other things with organic shapes. He does both paintings and drawings.   The artist was born in 1966. He studied at both Pratt in Brooklyn and also the College of Sante Fe in New Mexico. He has been exhibited worldwide in the Netherlands, Jerusalem, New York, Sweden and Spain.

His first solo show was in 1992. His big breakthrough show was in 1995 at the Ronald Freeman Gallery. One particular piece, Dinner of the Dictators, showed the meals of the worlds most powerful leaders all taxidermied.  Ghangas Kahn, Adolf Hitler, Napoleon, and Suharto all had their favorite meals depicted. The research took around 8 months for the artist. The piece took 2 years to produce.

Sometimes the artist casts plants such as poppy plants and the magic mushroom such as amanita muscara. Another hallucinogenic plant is Datura.

The artist has even made machines to make art.

This artist has a wonderful creative mind and I love looking at plants and trees in this manner.

The artist makes large installations with steel trees and you can see a 4 minute clip of one displayed at the Met in New York below



Try a tree with some seasonal snow on it!