Artist of the moment……. Her 80th birthday today… Bridget Riley…..



This artist turns 80 years old today. The birthdate in the wikipedia is wrong as it was just on the BBC news last night. She has a brand new show opening at the Tate modern. She began as an impressionistic artist and then found her voice in op art. She enjoys making paintings that overload the optic senses and are disorientating to the eye. I enjoy her work as their is so much movement and rhythm. The artist was educated at Goldsmiths College and also the Royal Academy.

Peter Sedgley, another British Op Artist lived with the artist in the 60s and helped her to create SPACE, providing amounts of studio space to artists.

During the peak of the movement in the 60s people used to regard her work as happenings and the paintings inspired people to take hallucinogens to help enhance their experience.

The artist starting using color in these type of paintings in 1967. She was the first woman to receive the honor of representing Britain during the Venice Biennale.

The artist is represented by the Pace Gallery.

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