Artist of the Moment…….Robert Longo…



This artist is one of my favorite figure painters.   The artist was born in Brooklyn in 1953 is a widely collected modern artist.  The artist is influenced by all sorts of mass media, a modern pop artist so to speak, television, hollywood, movies, and comic books heavily influence the artist. He came to fame in the 1980s with a series titled Men in the Cities which portrays men in suits either dancing or in agony, its up to the viewer to decide.

The artist relies on a stark white dark contest with very few middle tones.

The artist studied not only drawing, but sculpture and even studied abroad in Italy. After becoming involved in an art co-op he moved to New York and immersed himself in the underground art scene.

Although I like the end result I am not a fan of using the projection and tracing the figure. I like the imperfections that an artist adds. Also his assistants do much of the work in his lithographs and paintings. Not a fan of that either.

That being said his art has an easily recognizable style and makes the viewer think.

below is a clip about the men in cities pieces…

some more of his pieces are featured here…

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