Artist of the moment…. Charles Pfahl


this artist is simply amazing. If you live in the Denver area its well worth the drive to Gallery 1261, on 1261 Delaware Street, to see his works in person.  On display is a bird, its partially painted but looked like the artist used a real birds claw and feather in the design. On display also was an amaryllis plant that had 4 different paintings of the flower grouped together. The artist has a real unique sense of design and paints clothing and interiors at a master level.

The artist was born in Ohio in 1946.  Over the years his style has become tighter and tighter, yet the artist insists he isn’t concerned with the deeper meanings of headless people, he is interested in making visually exciting paintings.

If you are in the Denver area go check these pieces out in person, art is always more impressive live!




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