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Artist of the Moment… Charles Wilbert White…



This artist was a prominent African American artist who gained acclaim for his use of lithography. Style wise the artist is similar to Kathe Kolwitz in that he used lithograph and painted people not idyllic people, but people as they were in everyday life. He wasn’t afraid to paint the negro.

He was married briefly to well known sculptor Elizabeth Catlett. Known mainly for his drawings and WPA murals. His most famous work is probably the Contribution of Negro to American Democracy.

The artist lived from 1918 to 1979 and was born and raised in Chicago.

See some of his drawings of Frederick Douglas and Sojournor Truth in his exhibition of Drawings from 1942 to 1970 in this exhition titledĀ  Let the Light Enter below….

From this artist we can learn to improve our drawing skills.

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