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Figurative painter Mel Ramos…




this artist was one of few artists that stuck to painting the figure when modernism took over in the 60s.  A little bit of Pop art, a little bit of surrealism, and the figure and you have the basis for one of his paintings. In his world you can open a baby ruth bar and find the lady not a candy bar.

He mainly paints women in various settings such as candy bar wrappers and also undressing as the viewer is looking through the key hole watching. Much of the time the ladies are topless.

He was born in 1935 and went to college to study art in 1954 and ended up studying with master painter wayne thiebaud and Sacramento State College who was a key element in his success and design. A mixture of pin up girls and advertising made his work carry the POP art label.

In the early 70s he would insert a pin up girl into a painting by an old master such as Modigliani or De Kooning. He now works and lives in both California and Spain.

Try painting or drawing a candy wrapper, make sure to play close attention to the reflected lights.

See more of his paintings at his site here:

A short youtube clip inside the artists’ studio here


keep learning!