Artist of the moment…. Floral and Putney Painter Laura Robb



this artist is a great painter of floral scenes. As you look at her work I am sure you can tell she heavily influenced by Richard Schmid.  She grew up in Oklahoma and started taking art classes when she was only 16 years old. In 1974 she moved to New York City to studied with famous painter Micheal Aviano. He has done some fantastic figure paintings that were very large in size.  She then had the opportunity to get some critiques from Richard Schmid.  Her paintings have taken her around the world and she now makes her home in Toas, New Mexico.

Her website is  .   She works in both oils and watercolor.

I always encourage you to try drawing and painting a flower to see how fun working with organic shapes can be! Try some from up close or from the ground or looking down from right above them. Try some different compositions from what are normally seen in the galleries.

keep learning about art!



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