Artist of the Moment… Louise Bourgeois



This artist just passed away this year in May, she lived almost to 100 years old. Like Picasso, this artist gives me inspiration from looking at such a large body of work. The artist was prolific in clay, bronze, drawing, painting, and even the fiber arts. Many of her large commissions were stone sculptures. If you go to the library you should check out a dvd titled ART 21. It covers 21 modern day working artists. I found it to be very informative and loved some of the artists they profiled.

For me some of the artists were boring, they talked about their art as if they were watching a rain storm. Quiet and sober. But some artists like Richard Serra and Louis B were just outstanding. I actually got excited just hearing them talk about making and creating art. If one is going to be an artist or a writer, PLEASE GET EXCITED when discussing your passion. Communicate your excitement. Hearing Louis B. talk about making her stone  sculpture was just amazing. I found her to be funny, even though she wasn’t trying to be. Just her life experience of being nearly 100 years old and expressing herself thru art was worth renting the DVD.

One quote I always loved from her ” I am not what I am, I am what I do with my hands.” Very powerful and eloquent.

Louise Bourgeois was born in Paris in 1911. She was one of the first installation artists around though she became known worldwide for her sculptures.

The artist is recalled also in the November and December issue of Fiber Arts magazine. She loved working with the fibers as they were very historical and also loved them for their connectedness.

a brief excerpt about her spiders…

a brief excerpt about the artist when she was in her 70s in New York York

The artist was the first of the confessional artists.  Her parents owned a tapestry store since she was a child. Her mom was a feminist and told her that she needed to have a career rather than depend on a husband. Her own father was quite the ladies man, and she started keeping track of all her emotional ups and downs in a diary at a very young age. Her figures though abstract deal with the very emotions such as betrayal and discovered she was a great sculptor of childhood emotions and traumas.

This artists life was just amazing and the growth she exhibited is to be admired by all.

Rent the DVD at your local library!





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